A Diversified excavation, utility, street, golf course and site development company, Cornelius Oregon.

About Us

Owned and controlled for more than 47 years by Ken Leahy and family, the company is additionally made up of individuals that are directly involved with all aspects of our diversified construction abilities. We draw on the strengths of each individual, which provides the muscle for the group. No challenge is too big for us.

In 1967 Ken started with a dump truck, backhoe and a loader. Although Ken’s work ethic has remained the same, the fleet has grown considerably! The size, scope and complexity of projects that Ken Leahy Construction completes have grown as well!

Through the many years of business there have been many ups and downs. Ken and his wife Donna have weathered through many chaotic times with market fluctuations, interest rates and varying fuel prices.

This devotion on the part of Ken and Donna as a team has filtered down not only to their children but to everyone that works with them at Ken Leahy Construction. Ken and Donna’s two sons Chuck and Slade currently manage a majority of the day to day operations of the company with close coordination of Ken and Donna. Ken Leahy Construction takes pride on being a family owned and operated company with roots set deep in the community.

Ken Leahy Construction has been heavily involved in many community and philanthropic events over the years.