A Diversified excavation, utility, street, golf course and site development company, Cornelius Oregon.


Excavation Excavation

The efficiencies of excavating and moving dirt is coupled to the variety of heavy equipment we use and this is the reason for our success. State-of-the-art low ground pressure and standard bulldozers, six wheel drive articulated off road dump trucks, as well as hydraulic excavators, scrapers and loaders manned with skilled personnel, allows us to move quickly, involving massive earthmoving and auxiliary site construction while using a “fast-track” timetable.

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Utilities Utilities

We have made a reputation doing the big jobs, the jobs with tough problems. We've done it by retaining the most gifted and motivated utility personnel. They are second to none, and are directly responsible both for our outstanding history of jobs completed and ongoing public and private contracts. Our spirit of motivation in operations and project management insures we will continue to play a prominent role in the reconstruction and expansion of our infrastructure system.

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Cement Soil Stabilization

Cement Soil Stabilization Cement Soil Stabilization

Cement soil amendments can provide a timely and cost effective solution to winter time site work. The addition of cement to native soil improves its workability and strength properties. Subgrade and fill soils where excessive moisture and inadequate compaction make construction nearly impossible can be managed by the addition of cement. Our specialized equipment and expertise can make a significant difference on your next project.

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Golf Course Construction

Golf Course Construction Golf Course Construction

Ken Leahy Construction, Inc. believes in a team approach to golf course construction, recognizing that a broad range of highly-trained specialists is necessary for a project to succeed. This is true in all levels of golf projects, whether the project is a small inexpensive course, to the finest of signature development. Our cumulative years of experience of our experts allow us to draw from many varying golf sites, as well as a diversified number of golf course architects.

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