A Diversified excavation, utility, street, golf course and site development company, Cornelius Oregon.


Ken Leahy Construction is dedicated to being a good steward to the environment.  We implement many different tools/practices to not only create more sustainable projects but that often times save time and money.     

  • Cement Soil Stabilization:
    • By implementing the use of cement in soil stabilization, it often reduces and or eliminates the need to export unsuitable soils to landfills.  It also greatly reduces the need for the import of costly crushed granular fill on the same projects.  Reducing waste to the landfills, reducing the import of granular material to projects reduces the amount of fossil fuels used in the transportation, handling and production of said materials.  This is a win/win situation.  The project often times saves money and the environment benefits as well. 


  • On Site Rock Crushing
    • By implementing the use of a portable rock crusher on sites where hard rock is present, we can process the once unsuitable large rock into either smaller dimension fill material or spec rock for base rock or utility backfill.  This process also reduces the use of fossil fuel by eliminating the haul off of unsuitable material as well as the import of crushed granular materials needed for site development. 


 Please contact us to see how we can help you with your environmentally sustainable goals on your next project.